Dangerous Effect Of Anxiety On Aging

If you have to go through a lot of anxiety on a regular basis, then you will probably end up aging much faster. Anxiety leads to diseases, makes us slow and speeds up the aging process.

Some of the most dangerous effects of anxiety on aging are

1. Damages our cells

rujsdret4fvwevwef4wef34weToo much stress can have a devastating impact on the cells in our bodies. Job related anxiety can damage the DNA present inside the cells. A study has been conducted in this regard. It was found that people who had to go through a lot of anxiety regularly had short telomeres. Telomeres mean the total length of the DNA. A short telomere means that the cells are in a very bad condition. It can lead to serious diseases like diabetes and even cancer. However, those who led an anxiety free life had much longer telomeres. With age, telomeres gradually shrink in size. But anxiety speeds up the process. Thus, it is very clear that anxiety makes us age much faster.

2. Weight gain

When we have to go through a lot of anxiety, we fail to maintain a proper, healthy lifestyle. We tend to eat junk foods, and we also tend to sleep less. It is also not possible to exercise regularly. As a result, you end up gaining a lot of weight, which in turn leads to a lot of problems. Thus at an early age, you fall prey to many serious diseases.

3. Hearing Loss

Anxiety also affects our vision and hearing process. Too much anxiety results in the construction of the blood vessels, which affects our hearing function. Our vision also gets affected. Although, these changes are generally temporary and not permanent. But our productivity decreases, and thus it speeds up aging.

4. Affects our brain

High levels of anxiety also affects our brain. It prevents the cells from regenerating and also lowers down the production of neurotransmitter. As a result, our brain is not able to function properly, and its communication with the other organs of our body gets disturbed. As a result, the brain ages much faster. It can also lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Memory loss

Apart from making you weak physically, anxiety can also affect you mentally. Since our brain fails to function properly, we suffer from memory loss. We struggle to remember old memories and also to create new ones. We tend to become forgetful, have difficulty at remembering names and also we kind of go in a confused state. In short, you will become really slow.